Svensk Byaservice (SB), founded in 1994 is a collaborative forum for rural development in Swedish-speaking areas of Finland. SB is maintained by:

SB is working closely with the regional villages organizations and local action groups. We are working to support and assist the villages in their activities. SB is no umbrella organization and does not aim to control the activity. The village decides, SB spreads information and assists the villages to learn from each other.

SB is responsible for the Swedish-speaking activities of Suomen Kylätoiminta ry (SYTY) whose activity includes activation activity, coordination and information.

Democracy and public participation are important issues for the SB. One way to work for increased citizen participation is village planning.

Finlandssvenska Landsbygdsriksdagen (a meeting for rural developers mainly from Swedish-speaking areas of Finland) is held every second year. SB along with partner(s) organizes the meeting. The purpose is to get together rural developers, village activists and people from the local citizens' groups and organizations to debate the village and rural development, and offer opportunities for exchange of ideas.

Since 2005, SB gives out a newsletter in Swedish by e-mail about rural development. The newsletter has about 300 receivers, including organizations, associations, regional councils, universities and ministries. The purpose of the newsletter is to improve information between rural developers.